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How to Fix a Running Blister Fast

Monday, June 26, 2017

Blisters are a real nuisance to runners and are caused by friction between your skin and your socks or shoes.  Other common causes are poorly-fitting shoes and foot problems like bunions, heel spurs and hammer toes. Read more

Are kids really getting fatter? Get the FACTS here

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Although this is the world’s first non-contagious pandemic (obesity/diabetes), the solution is already in the scientific literature. We begin with two simple statements: (1) many junk foods, especially fructose misuse, are indeed harmful; and (2) erroneous concepts obscure that, obscure even the very biological basis of obesity. One major conceptual barrier is the notion, “a calorie is a calorie.” There are many reasons calories are not all alike in weight control. Read more

Easy Healthy Eating Tips: Healthy Eating and Supplements for Good Joint Health

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A lot of people only associate healthy eating with weight loss. Well, there is more to healthy eating than just weight loss or weight management. Good nutrition is crucial to our general well-being and can help maintain or restore the perfect functioning of our body organs and systems, which includes joints. Our joints are constantly under strain supporting our body weight, and therefore occasionally suffer from varying degrees of wear and tear, which may include inflammation and damage. The cartilage between the joint bones act as shock absorbers and protects the joints. Healthy eating and supplements can help maintain joint health. So, which foods and supplements are crucial for good joint health? Read more

CrossFit. What is it and should I get into it?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

CrossFit Concepts Read more

Why do people fall?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Most people never ask this question. If they did, they would most likely have a better chance of preventing a fall from happening or reduce the frequency of the likelihood of it occurring. The fundamental reason why people – young or old fall is quite simple – challenge to or loss of balance or strength. To put in more simply, an individual falls because they experience an event that challenges their stability or strength. If one is overwhelmed by this challenge they lose balance and the ability to remain upright, hence the fall. Read more

Taking Children’s Sports Injuries Seriously

Thursday, March 23, 2017

If your children are participating in sports at school or college, that’s a great and positive sign; however, if you are ignoring their complaints about injuries or body pain, this could possibly mean compromising on their health and a potential sports career. Read more

Pre-Season Screening and Injury Prevention

Monday, March 13, 2017

As sports are getting more competitive and the emphasis on producing better and positive results is increasing, coaches, administration staff and athletes want to ensure that they are only bringing forward the performers who are totally fit to make it to the field. Be it football, rugby, tennis, or AFL; sports medicine is the contemporaneous solution that everyone is resorting to nowadays to improve rehabilitation and minimize injuries. Read more

How Anyone Can Benefit From Sports Massage therapy

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

In this time and age, individuals are investing hours behind their office desks, sitting on the uncomfortable office seat, and snapping onto the keyboard keys, quirkily. People who like to do everything sitting in front of their desk, tend to have the what’s commonly known as the “Sitting Disease”. Office work requires mental ability, and sitting at your work area for long timeframes could incur a significant damage to your body. Read more

Top 8 Summer Holiday Health Regime Tips

Thursday, March 02, 2017

The summer holidays are around the corner and it’s like the perfect time to work on your health regime. But getting a better health would require you to have a predetermined knowledge about the type of diet and nutrition that would work best for you body. A fitness enthusiast or not, these dietary changes would do wonders for your mind, body and skin. Read more


Monday, February 27, 2017

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep after a tiring day at work. To rejuvenate your body and to make it ready for the next day, it’s essential that you get optimal, quality sleep. Not just that, a good night’s sleep is pertinent for the healthy functioning of your body organs and cognitive ability.  Read more