GWP has been supported by our local communities for many years and we have struggled with how to best pay that loyalty back. Love! My Community grew from this as a way to return the love.

Every quarter, we select three local groups or charities to support. These groups can be large or small, known or unknown, but have to be local. Every client that comes into our office places a token into one of three groups support bowls. At the end of the quarter, the group with the most tokens will receive a $250 donation, with the other two groups receiving $100 each.

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The Who’s and the How’s

Any group or charity of any size may apply to partner with GWP for support, as long as you have a valid ABN. The more local the cause the better! You apply by downloading and filling out the application form. Make sure you use your words carefully as it forms the basis for our in clinic advertising of your group or charity! Just submit the form via email, or drop it into any of our clinics.

How Often May we Participate?

Groups may apply to partner with GWP once every 12 months. Some charities may be selected more than once at the discretion of the selection panel.

Keeping you in the Loop

Our selection panel will notify you when we receive your application, as well as let you know how it is going. Once the campaign ends, we will get in contact to arrange electronic or cheque payment for your funds. A valid ABN will be necessary for all payments to go ahead.

Your Obligations

All we ask is that you continue to do great work in your community and field of care! A small additional request is that you will always keep US in the loop for how things are going and not lose touch!


We respect your privacy and will only share your groups information between the panel. Once a decision on successful groups has been made, we will contact you and agree on the wording of the in house marketing material for support. All individuals information will remain private.

Disclosure of the Campaign

We are more than happy for you to advertise the campaign on your own social media and web based platforms. The more visibility the better! The more people get behind your cause, the more you stand to benefit!

Most Importantly, How do we Apply?

SIMPLES! You can do an online application by clicking below, or drop into one of our clinics to fill out a paper form. Digital is always easier!!! Good luck!

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